Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's starting to feel a lot like Summer

Bellarose & Shelby in the pool

Grace thinks it's cold

He's all done

Tana and Grace

We have one more week of school and went swimming for the first time this year - it's starting to feel a lot like summer.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The things they say...

Funny things my kids said today:

1. We went to Silvia's to drop the kids off (she graciously babysat) so we headed upstairs to take a look at her newly decorated baby room for Baby Brayden. (It's super cute) Preston went with me and I said "Look Preston, the whole room is decorated for the baby - how cute" and his reply: "Yea but where's the baby?"

2. For some reason Preston has really been thinking hard about where he wants to have his next birthday party (When is this you ask, May 2, 2010. I guess he's a planner like his momma) and on our way home today he said "Ooh I know where I want to have my birthday party next year." Me: "Where?" "At Texas Roadhouse" Me: "Oh you really like that place" "Yes, their butter bread. That's what I'm going to get their butter bread" & Bella jumps in "Do they have sweet tea? Yummy, Sweet tea - this is going to be awesome!"

3. Here's another from the other day - I was babysitting my cousin's kids the other day and her daughter, Hannah, is Preston's age. Her and Bella LOVE each other but they also can get into a good fight. Bella and Hannah ran up to me, obviously arguing about something, and so I calmed them down and asked each of them their side. Bella told me her side and then I went to Hannah to get her version of things. She said: "Well, she just needs to respect her elders" and in case you didn't get it she wasn't referring to me she was referring to herself. I really got a laugh out of that.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Time for a change

I felt the need for some Summer in my blog, hence the change of scenery. Hope you like it. In the spirit of summer here are some cute bathing suits I found:

a cute one piece from Le Top:

Kate Mack, the master of kids swim suits:

another Le Top:

And a suit for me - I've been eying this suit for a year but for $250.00 I don't know that my body deserves that yet. I have a few more pounds to loose -

And since I'm adding pictures I thought I'd add a picture of Grace's bedding that I'm sadly about to get rid of (along with her high chair):

May the force be with you...

My 6 year old

Blowing out his candles - 6 & 1 to grow on

Preston with his Yoda cake

Here are some pics from Preston's party and below is a video. We had a really good time. I didn't get quite as many pictures as I would of liked but it is what it is. Preston had fun and got a lot of neat stuff. His party started at 4:00 and I was running a little late getting organized but I figured it was no big deal because everyone I know always runs late. So I'm thinking it's fine until I get a knock on my door at 4:01. Great! It's one of Preston's classmates. It all worked out though. Today we are going to clean, clean, clean. Troy got a ping pong table for the garage so we need to actually make it look like a garage rather than a storage unit so he can have his "man" area.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Birthday Little Man

Preston turns 5

Preston turns 4

Preston at 5 months

three months

one month

I can't believe Preston is 6 today! Time goes by WAY to fast. 6 years ago I never would have guessed I'd have such a handsome, funny, sweet, kind hearted little boy. I really hit the jackpot in the kids department. Preston is so thoughtful and caring, the BEST big brother & definately a major mama's boy. I just wish he could stay little with me forever. It kinda seems like a dream how quickly they grow up. I was in labor for about 8 hours with him 6 years ago and now we are preparing for a Star Wars party today. Preston, I hope you have your best birthday yet. I LOVE YOU!!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I'm so tired, Oh so tired...

I think the title says it all; I'm exhausted! What a day it's been. At 5:30 this morning I got a call from Preston's school, one of those automated messages. It started off "This is a message from the Comal ISD" Well, I am forever running low on Preston's lunch money account because I never remember that he's getting low on funds. So I'm forever getting an automated call reminding me to add some mula. When I heard the message I was pretty p'od thinking it was a lunch money call at 5:30. I almost hung up but the automated lady started talking more and come to find out it was the district letting us know school was cancelled till Monday because of the swine flu. Good think I listened. I would have been more mad about driving Preston to school when he didn't have it than waking up at 5:30 for a phone call. So I get in bed and turn my alarm off, happy that I can sleep in a little. I start to doze off and 30 minutes later my phone is ringing again. This time it's Tana, my good friend, calling to tell me Preston doesn't have school. She's always up at a time that should be illegal so I'm sure she was watching the news and knew I sleep in till the last possible second and probably wouldn't have known if the school hadn't called. So I get off the phone and go back to sleep, fantasizing about sleeping in. I probably slept for an hour before Preston comes and hops in my bed and informs me that he is late for school. I told him he wouldn't be going to school and he thought that was the coolest thing. Needless to say I never got back to sleep. Come to find out he will actually be out of school until May 11th - 8 whole days! It's nice to have him home with me.

It was a long day though because when he's home there is more fighting so when Grace just so happend to run out of diapers tonight I was more than happy to get out of the house and make that run to the store. Then I come home and the realize, the genius that I am, that I had purchased a lot of things on my trip to target (some really cute yoga pants on sale for $3.24) but diapers was not one of them. So I go in the bedroom to tell Troy my big oops and he says "you'll never believe what happend when I called my parents tonight" I was really wondering what it was because he's laughing pretty hard as he's saying that. Well apparently my dear, sweet little girl Bellarose got on the phone with her Grandma Bonnie and went to the corner of the room and told her "my mommy doesn't think your pretty and she says your witch" and who knows what else because at that time she moved further away from Troy into our closet so he couldn't hear her. He got onto her for fibbing but still couldn't help but laugh. I felt horrible because I'm hoping my MIL doesn't actually think I said those things. Now I've got to head back out to get those diapers I forgot. Well, I don't feel like driving all the way back to Target so I decide to go to the closet gas station. Luckily they have diapers but it was a mini pack of 10. I happily told the clerk I'd take them and then nearly had a heart attack when he told me they were $10.00. That's more expensive than the full size pack at Target and I'm only getting 10. I had no choice though because Target had already closed and I wasn't going to drive all over town to go get the diapers. So that was my exciting day.

The next few days will be busy because I'm trying to get ready for Preston's Birthday party Saturday. Hard to beleive my baby's going to be 6 already. Anyways, Good Night!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

For the in laws:

I haven't blogged in FOREVER - until about a week ago we had decided we weren't going to get internet over here. Everyone thought we were crazy and Troy finally came to his senses so now we have it. Anyhow, this blog is really for my in laws. I told them I'd post a few videos of our house and the kids so, Mom and Dad, here it is. Enjoy!!!!

Here is the tour of our new house.

A video of the kids.

Preston's not mad anymore.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Break

Preston dressing up like a Bronco at the stadium

Bellarose caught her first fish (then a second after that)

Troy and his mom

Ms. Bella

Roasting marshmellows

Ready for the plane ride.

Okay here are some pictures from spring break... finally. We first went camping with my good friend (and soon to be neighbor) Tana and her family. We went to Concan and had so much fun that we've all decided this is going to become a yearly trip. The day we got back from camping we flew out to Colorado to see Troy's family. It was a nice visit although we didn't do as much as we normally did because Troy's grandpa was so sick. The one "touristy" (if that's even a word) thing we did do was go visit the Broncos stadium - Invesco Field at Mile High. It was pretty cool. We were the only people on the tour so it was really like a private tour of the field. Before we left the kids prayed that there would be snow when we were there and they actually got to see it twice so that was a highlight for them.

I am now two days away from moving and very busy packing - what am I doing on here, right? Actually I know; it's because we won't have internet at our new house so I figured I better post these now - anyhow I'm also at my wits end because of a 4 year old who loves to talk back and have an attitude. I really don't know what's the best way to discipline her on this. The spankings don't help, the lectures don't help, I really don't know what to do. I refuse to let her talk to me the way she does but nothing I'm doing is working. Any suggestions?

I've also got three kids running all over the place - my girls and Nathan, my friends son. Soon to be 4 when I go pick up Preston from early release. I better get back to packing. Wish me luck! :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Goodbye Grandpa Frank

I have a lot to write about because it's been awhile... During the time since my last post we've gone camping and to Colorado and are now getting ready for our move. But I really don't feel like it right now. We just found out Troy's Grandpa passed away about an hour ago and I'm pretty bummed. This comes just 4 days after finding out one of Troy's close friends died Saturday night in a car crash. I'm just so thankful Troy got to see him when we went to Colorado. Anyone who knows me knows my Naney (paternal grandmother) was like a mom to me. She was who I considered my mom. And I was 9 months pregnant when she died. I was in the hospital, having just given birth the day before, on the day of her funeral. I didn't get to be there with her or the family and it's the hardest thing I've ever been through, or continue to deal with, so I'm so thankful that Troy did get to see his grandpa last week and say his goodbyes. I remember when Troy and I first started dating (8 years ago), the first time I went to Colorado with him. We stayed with his grandparents the first night and after that Grandpa Frank told everyone I was his grandaughter. Troy has so many fond memories of him and the years he spent on their farm as a kid. He was a "cowboy" a quiet, strong, good man and he will really be missed. Most of all I feel horrible for my mother in law. She was a daddy's girl in every sense of the word and is really taking it hard. Here is a picture of Troy with his grandparents when we went to visit in October of 2007.

Goodbye Grandpa Frank.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

All grown up

I know I just did a post but felt the need to do another. I just sold Grace's crib. That's it, that was the last of our baby stuff. She's now all grown up, sleeping in a big girl bed. No more crib, no more bottles, half the time she doesn't use a sippy or sit in her high chair - she just sits at the table like a big girl. Soon we will be out of diapers (hopefully) and it's just another reminder that my baby is not such a baby anymore AND that I'll never have those things again. Kinda bittersweet. :) I'm sure any mom can understand that.


It's a shame that I have so much to do inside this week, with getting the house ready for our move, because the weather here has just been beautiful. It's perfect; not too hot and not too cold. I've got so much to do and it doesn't help that I leave in two days for a week.

Preston had baseball practice last night and as we pulled up another kid from his team pulled up at the same time. We (the kids, me, and the other kids dad) walked up to the field. We always practice on the same field but yesterday something was off because there were 5 coaches out there and Preston's team only has two. Also, there was a guy standing by the entrance to the field with a clip board and a list of the players names. I thought they really must have gotten organized since the previous practice. Oddly, Preston's name was not on the list. I figured they must have just left it off so the guy added it on. I went and sat down with the other moms but didn't recognize anyone. I didn't pay attention out on the field because Grace was everywhere and I was busy chasing after her. After about 10 minutes I saw more parents come up and still didn't recognize anyone so I walked over to the dad I knew and asked him if his son's name was on the list of players. Nope. You've probably already figured it out by now but I told him " I think we might be playing with the wrong team because I don't know anyone over here." He kinda looked around and realized that he didn't either. So we called the list guy over and told him what we were thinking, and he in turn called the coach over, and yep, you guessed it - we were practicing with the wrong team!!! Oops. I guess I don't feel so bad, though, because their coaches didn't realize it either. We then drove all around the two areas they have and could not find our team anywhere. Finally we spotted the coaches wife and apparently the league double booked our practice field and we got stuck practicing and a piece of grass between two field. Nice. I'm just glad I wasn't the only one who sent my kid out with the wrong team.

On a sweeter note with Preston - On Tuesdays and Thursdays Troy takes Preston to school. This morning I was half awake and could hear them getting ready. Then the door opened to my room and next thing I know somone's getting in the bed with me. Preston hopped on the bed gave me a big hug and a kiss and then jumped down and left for school. (He thought I was still asleep because I didn't open my eyes) I love having a little boy. :)

Tomorrow is Ms. Langfords (Preston's teacher) Birthday. Bella just loves Ms. Langford and when she heard it was her Birthday right away she said she wanted to buy her flowers. So we are going tonight to buy her flowers. Then at 2:00 tomorrow I am surprising her with balloons and cupcakes for the class to share and her real present (a gift card to get her nails done). If you can't tell we all love Ms. Langford.

I'm posting some pictures from Rowdy's Birthday party last weekend (it was a western theme) and from Grace when she decided to play dress up. I dressed her but she brought me what she wanted to wear and was very insistent on it. (The nice arm piece was her doing). Enjoy!! :)


"not another picture"

Belle at the Rowdy's western party

My other little cowgirl

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Nick and Erica's wedding

We had a nice time but I'm sure glad it's over!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's official...

We officially booked our tickets for Colorado today. We go March 9th to the 14th. We are so excited!!!

And we are officially moving! I am so happy. Here is a picture of the house. It's a two story but from the front of the house it looks like a one. I'll have more pictures to come. It's in Trinity Oaks which is up 281 just past Stone Oak.

Last but not least I am officially in need of about 4 more hours each day. I am exhausted. I have a lot on my plate right now but I love it. As I've mentioned before I am on the board of the PTA, I'm Preston's room mom, I taught his CCD class at church, I am the coordinator for the Kindergarten play that they are having in April and tonight I volunteered to be the team mom for his baseball team (so excited that he started baseball). If I'm this busy now I can't imagine how it's going to be when the girls get in school. Like I said, I love being busy and involved but I sure am tired tonight. That being said I am going to bed. Good night.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Belated Valentine's Day Everyone! We had a nice night. Troy had to work during the day
but at night we headed over to Silvia and Rick's (they were going to come over to our house until they found out we don't have a grill. We always cook our steaks in the oven, and I've never given it much thought because they taste good, but they laughed at the idea so we went over there). We had so much yummy food: steak, lobster, this special salad I make, vegetables, mashed potatoes, chocolate covered strawberries, and sparkling grape juice for the expecting. :) Here are some pictures:
The cooks

The food

After dinner

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Well, we've had a house full of sick kiddos the last week and a half. Preston was home from school for a whole week with the flu. Poor baby. Then Belle started to get warm and I thought she was going to get it but to my relief it was just a fever. We had our 6 year anniversary this past weekend which I'm still in shock over; can't believe we've been married 6 years! Monday night I went to the rodeo with my cousin and saw my absolute most favorite singer in the world, Reba, (go ahead and think I'm a dork - my friends have already said so) and then last night Troy and I went with our good friends Tana and Jarrod and another friend Priscilla & Rick to see Switchfoot. We really didn't know who they were but thought it would be fun to go. We were right - we had a blast. Saturday is Valentines day and being that my mom is a newlywed we don't have a sitter so we decided to make it a family event and have a family dinner and make cookies and a Valentines craft. We invited "Aunt" Silvia and Rick and Nathan so they are coming too. I bought cookie dough and heart shaped cookie cutters and the kids look at that dough every day and ask if it's Valentines day yet. If you can't tell cookies are a big hit in our house. We are also booking our tickets to Colorado today. We are going over Spring Break. First we are going camping for 2 nights with Tana and Jarrod and then the day we get back we are going to leave for Colorado. I've been dying to go somewhere because last year we didn't travel at all. Yipee.

That's it for now. :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Pictures from Grace's Birthday (1-12-09)

Ready to blow out her candle

Me and Grace

My baby is two!

Birthday girl

Happy Birthday sweet girl - her cake was supposed to match her elmo theme.

The Verdicts in :

Here are a few pictures from Saturday night when I had my girlfriends over. There's also a cute video of Bella putting on a concert with her ponies. She LOVES my little pony and has almost every one of them.

Preston started to feel sick yesterday - he was very warm, had a headache, stuffy nose, stomach ace. I sent him to school today but wrote a note to his teacher and told her he didn't feel well and might need to go the nurse. Sure enough 30 minutes after I dropped him off the nurse called and said he had a fever of 101 and he needed to come home. So I went and got him and took him to the doctor and the verdicts in: he has the flue. The doctor said he needed to be home a whole week! I was surprised it lasted that long. I'll keep you posted - I'm just praying the girls don't get sick.

Me & Silvia

Me & Tana

My sweet little princess singing.

Friday, January 30, 2009

In other news...

Here's Bellarose in the Valentine's outfit I made her. I've already sold several pair on ebay. She loved posing for my pictures. :)

Ms. Grace acting like a big girl, laying on the bed watching t.v.

Preston after he got his award for good citizenship.

Grace trying to run wild at the awards ceremony.

Trying to get away from daddy.

Me and my cousin Suz on her Birthday at our favorite - Los Generales. We seem to have every family event there.

Bella saw me with my scarf and said "Oh, what's that?" I told her it was a scarf to keep my neck warm since it was so cold. She waited about half a second and then said, "Oh, my neck is so cold; I think I need a scarf."

That's kind of our past week in pictures. This weekend Troy has his best friends bachelor party and I am having my little get together. My mom's babysitting and the kids are excited because it's been a month since they've been to her house.

I'm on the board of Preston's PTA and I'm in charge of hospitality, which I really like. Normally they choose the positions the year before but at the start of the school year, I went an introduced myself to the PTA President and asked if there were any open positions. She just happend to have this last postion available and after taking a vote I got it. I do the teacher appreciation & am the contact person for all of the room moms so it's a pretty easy job. It's now time for nominations for next years board and yesterday the President called me and said Tuesday we are having nominations and that she liked having me on the board and really wanted to have me as an officer and would I be interested in the position of secretary. Of course I said yes, that kind of stuff is just up my alley. I'm excited. I love helping out at Preston's school because you really get to know the teachers and people your child is surrounded by all day. And periodically I run into him in the hall or somewhere which is always nice. It would be weird for me not to volunteer because ever since he's been involved in anything I've always helped out. When he was in Mother's Day Out I used to teach in his class when a teacher was out, I was the teacher for his AWANNAS class, I've been the teacher in his CCD class. I don't know how to not stay involved. I just love being around my kids and being involved in what they are doing. Speaking of AWANNAS we found a new AWANNAS for the kids to attend. They had been going to the one at Community Bible but for any of you who are familiar with that church it is just way to big for me. So we found a smaller church near our house and the kids loved it and so did I. Tomorrow we are going to sign Preston up for Baseball. He hasn't done a sport since soccer and he's really excited.

For the past few months I've really started to feel cramped in our house. Don't get me wrong I love it, but with 3 kids I really think we need more than 1700 sq ft. Bella wants her own room, I have no space for the kids toys, the rooms are so close that they can't play in them when Grace is sleeping because she is such a light sleeper she will wake up, and we really have no back yard so the kids can't go out and play. So we decided that when our lease is up we are going to move to a bigger house. Still in the same neighborhood so Preston doesn't have to change schools, but something a lot bigger. We've got one month until we can really start looking and I looked the other day just to see what was out there and there are several that are a lot bigger so hopefully they'll still be available in a month. We don't want to buy again until I finish school & we sell our house in Harlingen.

In other news I am going to start substitute teaching. I'm really kind of nervous. The reason I decided to do this is because I've been going to school with the goal of teaching History in College. I like the college level because most of the jobs are part time and I don't want to work full time while my kids are in school. Obviously if we had the need for me to I would but if I don't have to.... Anyways, even though I've had this goal I've always kind of wondered if I would like to teach High School or any of the younger levels. Someone suggested to me that I try substituting - I'd be in the classroom with the kids and really get to see if it's something I'd be interested in. Troy's off on Mondays so I don't have to worry about the girls. I just found out my orientation is in two weeks so I'm really excited and, like I said, really nervous. I'll be in the Judson district which is where I went to school so that will be kind of neat.

I guess that's it for now. :)