Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Break

Preston dressing up like a Bronco at the stadium

Bellarose caught her first fish (then a second after that)

Troy and his mom

Ms. Bella

Roasting marshmellows

Ready for the plane ride.

Okay here are some pictures from spring break... finally. We first went camping with my good friend (and soon to be neighbor) Tana and her family. We went to Concan and had so much fun that we've all decided this is going to become a yearly trip. The day we got back from camping we flew out to Colorado to see Troy's family. It was a nice visit although we didn't do as much as we normally did because Troy's grandpa was so sick. The one "touristy" (if that's even a word) thing we did do was go visit the Broncos stadium - Invesco Field at Mile High. It was pretty cool. We were the only people on the tour so it was really like a private tour of the field. Before we left the kids prayed that there would be snow when we were there and they actually got to see it twice so that was a highlight for them.

I am now two days away from moving and very busy packing - what am I doing on here, right? Actually I know; it's because we won't have internet at our new house so I figured I better post these now - anyhow I'm also at my wits end because of a 4 year old who loves to talk back and have an attitude. I really don't know what's the best way to discipline her on this. The spankings don't help, the lectures don't help, I really don't know what to do. I refuse to let her talk to me the way she does but nothing I'm doing is working. Any suggestions?

I've also got three kids running all over the place - my girls and Nathan, my friends son. Soon to be 4 when I go pick up Preston from early release. I better get back to packing. Wish me luck! :)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Goodbye Grandpa Frank

I have a lot to write about because it's been awhile... During the time since my last post we've gone camping and to Colorado and are now getting ready for our move. But I really don't feel like it right now. We just found out Troy's Grandpa passed away about an hour ago and I'm pretty bummed. This comes just 4 days after finding out one of Troy's close friends died Saturday night in a car crash. I'm just so thankful Troy got to see him when we went to Colorado. Anyone who knows me knows my Naney (paternal grandmother) was like a mom to me. She was who I considered my mom. And I was 9 months pregnant when she died. I was in the hospital, having just given birth the day before, on the day of her funeral. I didn't get to be there with her or the family and it's the hardest thing I've ever been through, or continue to deal with, so I'm so thankful that Troy did get to see his grandpa last week and say his goodbyes. I remember when Troy and I first started dating (8 years ago), the first time I went to Colorado with him. We stayed with his grandparents the first night and after that Grandpa Frank told everyone I was his grandaughter. Troy has so many fond memories of him and the years he spent on their farm as a kid. He was a "cowboy" a quiet, strong, good man and he will really be missed. Most of all I feel horrible for my mother in law. She was a daddy's girl in every sense of the word and is really taking it hard. Here is a picture of Troy with his grandparents when we went to visit in October of 2007.

Goodbye Grandpa Frank.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

All grown up

I know I just did a post but felt the need to do another. I just sold Grace's crib. That's it, that was the last of our baby stuff. She's now all grown up, sleeping in a big girl bed. No more crib, no more bottles, half the time she doesn't use a sippy or sit in her high chair - she just sits at the table like a big girl. Soon we will be out of diapers (hopefully) and it's just another reminder that my baby is not such a baby anymore AND that I'll never have those things again. Kinda bittersweet. :) I'm sure any mom can understand that.


It's a shame that I have so much to do inside this week, with getting the house ready for our move, because the weather here has just been beautiful. It's perfect; not too hot and not too cold. I've got so much to do and it doesn't help that I leave in two days for a week.

Preston had baseball practice last night and as we pulled up another kid from his team pulled up at the same time. We (the kids, me, and the other kids dad) walked up to the field. We always practice on the same field but yesterday something was off because there were 5 coaches out there and Preston's team only has two. Also, there was a guy standing by the entrance to the field with a clip board and a list of the players names. I thought they really must have gotten organized since the previous practice. Oddly, Preston's name was not on the list. I figured they must have just left it off so the guy added it on. I went and sat down with the other moms but didn't recognize anyone. I didn't pay attention out on the field because Grace was everywhere and I was busy chasing after her. After about 10 minutes I saw more parents come up and still didn't recognize anyone so I walked over to the dad I knew and asked him if his son's name was on the list of players. Nope. You've probably already figured it out by now but I told him " I think we might be playing with the wrong team because I don't know anyone over here." He kinda looked around and realized that he didn't either. So we called the list guy over and told him what we were thinking, and he in turn called the coach over, and yep, you guessed it - we were practicing with the wrong team!!! Oops. I guess I don't feel so bad, though, because their coaches didn't realize it either. We then drove all around the two areas they have and could not find our team anywhere. Finally we spotted the coaches wife and apparently the league double booked our practice field and we got stuck practicing and a piece of grass between two field. Nice. I'm just glad I wasn't the only one who sent my kid out with the wrong team.

On a sweeter note with Preston - On Tuesdays and Thursdays Troy takes Preston to school. This morning I was half awake and could hear them getting ready. Then the door opened to my room and next thing I know somone's getting in the bed with me. Preston hopped on the bed gave me a big hug and a kiss and then jumped down and left for school. (He thought I was still asleep because I didn't open my eyes) I love having a little boy. :)

Tomorrow is Ms. Langfords (Preston's teacher) Birthday. Bella just loves Ms. Langford and when she heard it was her Birthday right away she said she wanted to buy her flowers. So we are going tonight to buy her flowers. Then at 2:00 tomorrow I am surprising her with balloons and cupcakes for the class to share and her real present (a gift card to get her nails done). If you can't tell we all love Ms. Langford.

I'm posting some pictures from Rowdy's Birthday party last weekend (it was a western theme) and from Grace when she decided to play dress up. I dressed her but she brought me what she wanted to wear and was very insistent on it. (The nice arm piece was her doing). Enjoy!! :)


"not another picture"

Belle at the Rowdy's western party

My other little cowgirl