Thursday, March 26, 2009

Spring Break

Preston dressing up like a Bronco at the stadium

Bellarose caught her first fish (then a second after that)

Troy and his mom

Ms. Bella

Roasting marshmellows

Ready for the plane ride.

Okay here are some pictures from spring break... finally. We first went camping with my good friend (and soon to be neighbor) Tana and her family. We went to Concan and had so much fun that we've all decided this is going to become a yearly trip. The day we got back from camping we flew out to Colorado to see Troy's family. It was a nice visit although we didn't do as much as we normally did because Troy's grandpa was so sick. The one "touristy" (if that's even a word) thing we did do was go visit the Broncos stadium - Invesco Field at Mile High. It was pretty cool. We were the only people on the tour so it was really like a private tour of the field. Before we left the kids prayed that there would be snow when we were there and they actually got to see it twice so that was a highlight for them.

I am now two days away from moving and very busy packing - what am I doing on here, right? Actually I know; it's because we won't have internet at our new house so I figured I better post these now - anyhow I'm also at my wits end because of a 4 year old who loves to talk back and have an attitude. I really don't know what's the best way to discipline her on this. The spankings don't help, the lectures don't help, I really don't know what to do. I refuse to let her talk to me the way she does but nothing I'm doing is working. Any suggestions?

I've also got three kids running all over the place - my girls and Nathan, my friends son. Soon to be 4 when I go pick up Preston from early release. I better get back to packing. Wish me luck! :)


Ashley said...

Sounds busy at your house! Sorry I have no advice for you, Kendall can't talk back yet! What about taking away one of her toys every time she talks back? IDK.

Kristin said...

I guess I am at the point where I will try anything! :)