Friday, January 30, 2009

In other news...

Here's Bellarose in the Valentine's outfit I made her. I've already sold several pair on ebay. She loved posing for my pictures. :)

Ms. Grace acting like a big girl, laying on the bed watching t.v.

Preston after he got his award for good citizenship.

Grace trying to run wild at the awards ceremony.

Trying to get away from daddy.

Me and my cousin Suz on her Birthday at our favorite - Los Generales. We seem to have every family event there.

Bella saw me with my scarf and said "Oh, what's that?" I told her it was a scarf to keep my neck warm since it was so cold. She waited about half a second and then said, "Oh, my neck is so cold; I think I need a scarf."

That's kind of our past week in pictures. This weekend Troy has his best friends bachelor party and I am having my little get together. My mom's babysitting and the kids are excited because it's been a month since they've been to her house.

I'm on the board of Preston's PTA and I'm in charge of hospitality, which I really like. Normally they choose the positions the year before but at the start of the school year, I went an introduced myself to the PTA President and asked if there were any open positions. She just happend to have this last postion available and after taking a vote I got it. I do the teacher appreciation & am the contact person for all of the room moms so it's a pretty easy job. It's now time for nominations for next years board and yesterday the President called me and said Tuesday we are having nominations and that she liked having me on the board and really wanted to have me as an officer and would I be interested in the position of secretary. Of course I said yes, that kind of stuff is just up my alley. I'm excited. I love helping out at Preston's school because you really get to know the teachers and people your child is surrounded by all day. And periodically I run into him in the hall or somewhere which is always nice. It would be weird for me not to volunteer because ever since he's been involved in anything I've always helped out. When he was in Mother's Day Out I used to teach in his class when a teacher was out, I was the teacher for his AWANNAS class, I've been the teacher in his CCD class. I don't know how to not stay involved. I just love being around my kids and being involved in what they are doing. Speaking of AWANNAS we found a new AWANNAS for the kids to attend. They had been going to the one at Community Bible but for any of you who are familiar with that church it is just way to big for me. So we found a smaller church near our house and the kids loved it and so did I. Tomorrow we are going to sign Preston up for Baseball. He hasn't done a sport since soccer and he's really excited.

For the past few months I've really started to feel cramped in our house. Don't get me wrong I love it, but with 3 kids I really think we need more than 1700 sq ft. Bella wants her own room, I have no space for the kids toys, the rooms are so close that they can't play in them when Grace is sleeping because she is such a light sleeper she will wake up, and we really have no back yard so the kids can't go out and play. So we decided that when our lease is up we are going to move to a bigger house. Still in the same neighborhood so Preston doesn't have to change schools, but something a lot bigger. We've got one month until we can really start looking and I looked the other day just to see what was out there and there are several that are a lot bigger so hopefully they'll still be available in a month. We don't want to buy again until I finish school & we sell our house in Harlingen.

In other news I am going to start substitute teaching. I'm really kind of nervous. The reason I decided to do this is because I've been going to school with the goal of teaching History in College. I like the college level because most of the jobs are part time and I don't want to work full time while my kids are in school. Obviously if we had the need for me to I would but if I don't have to.... Anyways, even though I've had this goal I've always kind of wondered if I would like to teach High School or any of the younger levels. Someone suggested to me that I try substituting - I'd be in the classroom with the kids and really get to see if it's something I'd be interested in. Troy's off on Mondays so I don't have to worry about the girls. I just found out my orientation is in two weeks so I'm really excited and, like I said, really nervous. I'll be in the Judson district which is where I went to school so that will be kind of neat.

I guess that's it for now. :)

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