Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The next Paula Dean

Today was a day full of cooking for me. I'm having a party with a few of my girlfriends (13 to be exact) and wanted to try out all the stuff I plan on having. I made chocolate covered strawberries, lobster fondue, spinach artichoke dip (just like Zios) and mini cheesecakes. The desserts came out delicious - of course, dessert is my specialty - but the dips were just so so. The lobster fondue was edible but I don't think I'd serve it and the spinach artichoke dip was okay but not quite like the one at Zios. I might have to re-think the menu. Silvia and I went to Homegoods on Sunday and I got all new serving dishes so I'm excited to get to use them and have some fun, girly time.

There hasn't been a whole lot going on this past week. Preston was off of school yesterday, which was nice. I guess it's kind of the quiet before the storm because after next week we will be super busy. It was like this last year; from July until the first of December I had something almost every weekend. We have something going on almost every weekend until the last weekend in March and then Troy wants to go to Vegas. Busy, Busy. It's amazing how different our lives are over here compared to when we lived away and would only have something to do maybe once a month, if that. I feel like I have a life now. Before I always felt like I lived one place and my life was somewhere else.

Gracieann is talking so much - her favorite thing to say right now is: "See ya!" She'll walk out of a room and throw that out there. Today when we were walking home from Preston's school she said "Hi guys". It was too cute. Did I mention I cute Bella's hair? 5 whole inches!!! I am still in shock. Her hair almost touched her bum. It's still fairly long, it falls right below her shoulders, but obviously not as long as it was. I've decided I will never cut it that much again. It's so beautiful, her long curly hair.

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You are a culinary genius.