Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Officially a soccer mom

Okay I am officially now a "true" soccer mom and I've got the van to prove it! We've been looking for a while now and finally found the van we wanted today. It's a Honda Odyssey. It's silver and has so much room, and really cool sliding doors. We all love it. Here is a picture - it's not the actual one but is just like it.

In other news Preston started school again this week and got sick his first day back. Him and Bella must both have had a 24 hour bug because they both were throwing up all day Monday. They are all better now and Grace never got it.


Ashley said...

I guess the minivan was inevitable =) It's amazing how little I get sick now that I'm not teaching. Glad the kids are feeling better.

Kristin said...

Thanks! Yes the minivan has been much needed for a long time. It makes life so much easier. The kids aren't sitting next right next to each other (thanks to the bucket seats) & hitting one another, I'm not closing 50 doors thanks to the magic button that closes them automatically. I'm not lifting 3 kids up into a very high Yukon anymore. I love it. :)