Saturday, May 9, 2009

The things they say...

Funny things my kids said today:

1. We went to Silvia's to drop the kids off (she graciously babysat) so we headed upstairs to take a look at her newly decorated baby room for Baby Brayden. (It's super cute) Preston went with me and I said "Look Preston, the whole room is decorated for the baby - how cute" and his reply: "Yea but where's the baby?"

2. For some reason Preston has really been thinking hard about where he wants to have his next birthday party (When is this you ask, May 2, 2010. I guess he's a planner like his momma) and on our way home today he said "Ooh I know where I want to have my birthday party next year." Me: "Where?" "At Texas Roadhouse" Me: "Oh you really like that place" "Yes, their butter bread. That's what I'm going to get their butter bread" & Bella jumps in "Do they have sweet tea? Yummy, Sweet tea - this is going to be awesome!"

3. Here's another from the other day - I was babysitting my cousin's kids the other day and her daughter, Hannah, is Preston's age. Her and Bella LOVE each other but they also can get into a good fight. Bella and Hannah ran up to me, obviously arguing about something, and so I calmed them down and asked each of them their side. Bella told me her side and then I went to Hannah to get her version of things. She said: "Well, she just needs to respect her elders" and in case you didn't get it she wasn't referring to me she was referring to herself. I really got a laugh out of that.

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