Thursday, February 12, 2009

Well, we've had a house full of sick kiddos the last week and a half. Preston was home from school for a whole week with the flu. Poor baby. Then Belle started to get warm and I thought she was going to get it but to my relief it was just a fever. We had our 6 year anniversary this past weekend which I'm still in shock over; can't believe we've been married 6 years! Monday night I went to the rodeo with my cousin and saw my absolute most favorite singer in the world, Reba, (go ahead and think I'm a dork - my friends have already said so) and then last night Troy and I went with our good friends Tana and Jarrod and another friend Priscilla & Rick to see Switchfoot. We really didn't know who they were but thought it would be fun to go. We were right - we had a blast. Saturday is Valentines day and being that my mom is a newlywed we don't have a sitter so we decided to make it a family event and have a family dinner and make cookies and a Valentines craft. We invited "Aunt" Silvia and Rick and Nathan so they are coming too. I bought cookie dough and heart shaped cookie cutters and the kids look at that dough every day and ask if it's Valentines day yet. If you can't tell cookies are a big hit in our house. We are also booking our tickets to Colorado today. We are going over Spring Break. First we are going camping for 2 nights with Tana and Jarrod and then the day we get back we are going to leave for Colorado. I've been dying to go somewhere because last year we didn't travel at all. Yipee.

That's it for now. :)

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