Saturday, December 20, 2008

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

The girls on our way to pick Bubba up from school.

My sweet Preston in his Batman pajamas.

Another one of the girls going to get Preston. This time we were going for his Christmas party.

The one and only picture I got at his Christmas party. I guess that's what happens when your Room Mom and busy running around the classroom helping.

Well Preston is finally out of school. Yea! We had his Christmas party yesterday and it was really nice. We were so blessed with his teacher, Ms. Langford. She is so sweet, and kind, and patient and we just love her. Now I'm glad my baby is home with me for two whole weeks.

The kids are SO excited for Christmas this year. I think this year is different than past years because they are getting older. Especially Preston. He even noticed there were more presents under the tree for Bellarose (or so he thought) and wanted to know why. I was shocked that he would even notice that because a year ago he wouldn't have. First, I told him it's not nice to ask and he should be grateful for what he gets - however much or little it is. Then I explained to him that some of his things might have cost a lot more than Belle's and so that's why she might have more. After thinking about it I went and looked at their presents because I am usually very even when I get the kids stuff. I am obsessive about being equal. If one person gets this many gifts (whether it's my kids, my in-laws or whoever) then so does the other person and if I spend XX amount one person the other gets the same amount. And with the kids they even get the same things - Preston got a digital camera so Belle did too. Preston got a Build A Bear so Belle did too. I just try to be really fair. So it surprised me when he said there were more for Belle. Then I realized what happend - On all of Belle's presents there were princess labels and Preston's have Cars (the movie) labels. Well Bella wanted to give all the girls princess labels so my mom's presents, Grace's presents, and our cousin Hannah's gifts all had princess labels too. So Preston saw all of those and thought every one of them was for Bellarose. Silly boy. I explained to him what happend and he thought it was pretty funny.

Here is a video I took of Preston's class singing their Christmas song. He is in the second row behind the two girls in the front - One has a butterfly on her shirt and the other has a long sleeve, pink shirt on.

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