Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy Birthday Daddy

Yesterday, December 15th, would have been my dad's 50th Birthday. It's been 22 years since he passed away. A long time! About a month ago I e-mailed all of my family and asked if they would like to go and help me celebrate his Birthday. So last night 28 of us went to Los Generales (good food and more importantly great mango margaritas) and celebrated. We ate and then everyone shared their memories of my dad. I loved listening to everyone talking about him. I was only 4 1/2 when he passed and do not remember much of him. It was so nice and I know him and my Naney were there with us in spirit. The only people missing were my Uncle John and Aunt Linda who were in Houston but they were thinking about us all. It's so weird to think about what life would be like if he were here, what he would be like, what he would look like. I know he would have loved his grandkids so much. And I know my life and my brother's life would be a lot different.

Preston, my little Preston, wants a wii so bad. He plays it at his cousin's house and loves it. The poor kid thinks it's called a "weed" so anytime anyone says, "what do you want for Christmas" he happily informs them that he is getting "the weed." I keep telling him that's not the name but he insists on calling it that. Then I told him that it was all sold out so we wouldn't be getting it for Christmas, maybe his Birthday so he's decided he's going to start saving up for it. Last night at dinner he went around asking everyone for a dollar to go towards his "weed." The things they say. :)

We have been out of heat for the past seven days and for those of you who are in SA you know how COLD it's been. It's 45 today. They've come out several times but just called and said they finally got what they needed and are coming to bring us back in to the land of the warm. I can't wait!

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