Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My shopping mission

Since the day Bellarose was born I have loved dressing her up. We lived in Vegas and I stayed at home so we really didn't ever go anywhere. But every morning I got her dressed to the nines so I could take a picture of her in a cute little outfit. I now have a large collection of pictures of my little mini model. Well it's no surprise that since she will be starting kindergarten in August I have already started school shopping for her and it's only February. ;) I still love to dress her up. I found the cutest stuff at gymboree last week and have started to look online because you can find the cutest stuff at little online boutiques. In my search for things I have found the CUTEST shop ever and it just so happens that they are having a really big sale right now!! Here is the link to their facebook page:


Their entire site is 20% off right now, what a bargain! I know I will be getting Belle a few things from here for school. Their actual website is: www.cottoncandyshop.com

Have fun shopping!

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