Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm back!

Wow! Has it really been 8 months since my last post? Time sure flies! And oh the changes we've had.

Me and the kids moved the day after Christmas and that meant that Preston had to change schools. I was really uneasy about him changing schools, because he's already had to switch once, but he's such an easy going little guy who adjusts to change well, so I think he is doing fine. He started karate again, which he loves, and I am also enrolling him in baseball. He is six now and will turn 7 in May.

Bellarose turned FIVE (so hard to believe!) in November and is still doing cheerleading. She's also about to start ballett. Grace just turned 3 last week (Happy Birthday Grace) and is a little stinker. Still not potty trained. That is pretty frusturating.

I started school this semster after a year break. I like all my classes and I'm just hoping I can juggle it all!

We've had an exciting week - my cousin Suz had her little girl, Palin, yesterday and one of my good friends, Aubrie, had her little boy Madden today! Two babies in two days. What a blessing.

The kids and I like our new apartment and we are almost all settled. It's a big change coming from a big house but we will adjust. I'll post pictures as soon as I finish the decorating. :) I'm almost done and we are pretty much settled in. Well I guess this is it for now. Until next time...


Ashley said...

You're doing a great job at wearing so many hats. Glad you've checked back in to the blogger world and Happy Birthday Grace! You don't have babies anymore =(

Kristin said...

Thanks Ashley! I know, no more babies. :( Makes me want another. lol J/K