Thursday, September 25, 2008

Funky Socks

I don't have much new to say right now but I felt the need to write. I'm about to take Bellarose to her ballet class where she has a surprise waiting for her from Nana (my mom). She's very excited. On Tue/Thur Troy takes Preston to school and this morning I could hear them in there getting ready and they were taking forever so I got up to go look and see what time it was. It was 7:36 and Preston has to be to school by 7:45! Then I go in to Preston's room and he's got a cute outfit on but Spider Man sock and car shoes; he totally didn't match. I told Troy you can't have him being late like this and he can't wear that. They left and Troy took Preston's sandals with him so he could change shoes in the car but when he got home he said Preston refused to take off his socks so now instead of tennis shoes and funky socks he's got sandals on with funky socks. He probably looks sillier than when he started off. Oh well. :) I guess I'd better go for now!

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