Saturday, September 20, 2008

Mommy's Night Out

OK, so after looking at that last blog, with the pictures everywhere, you can tell I've been out of touch. Maybe this time I will do a little better.

Last night I had girl's night with my girlfriends and we had so much fun. We intended to go to dinner and bowling but never quite made it to bowling. Oh well, it's always nice to catch up and this week I needed that break. Bella is going through a stage right now; very defiant and an attitude about as big as she is. I'm not quite sure how to deal with it yet. And Grace, she is an even bigger handful right now. I am also still trying to get used to this school schedule; It wears me out. I was excited yesterday, though, because Preston's teacher asked me to be room mom and I found out that I'm being appointed to the board of the PTA doing hospitality. I'm also teaching his CCD class at church so I'm pretty busy right now.

Preston went to his first birthday party (from school) today and had a blast. When we left he told me he had a girlfriend and that he gave her the love sign in sign language. I told him he was going to give me a heart attack. I guess that's it for now. :)

( Below is a video of Bellarose at Ballet. )

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