Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Baby's growing up!

Gracie started crawling yesterday! She's been up on all fours rocking back and forth for awhile now; I knew it wouldn't be long. She looks so cute and we all got pretty excited. Except Bella. She realizes Gracie can get to her toys now and she doesn't like that very much. My little Bella.

Speaking of Bella... I had my MOPS meeting this past week and I had signed up to bring donuts. The kids LOVE donuts and couldn't wait to eat one. I finished getting ready the morning of the meeting and went to get Bella so I could get her ready. I looked every where and couldn't find her. All of the sudden I see something underneath the table. I bet you can guess who it was. Yep, Bellarose snuck a donut out of the box and was sitting underneath the table eating it, presumably because she thought I wouldn't see her there. Once I was able to get her up and ready she refused to go anywhere without her tutu on so we went to MOPS and ran all of our errands that day with a ballerina princess in tow.

In other news I finished almost all of my Christmas shopping today. Yea!

So long for now.

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