Sunday, November 4, 2007

A little about us

Most of you know this but here is a little about us:

We are the proud parents of three amazing kids: Preston who is 4,
Bellarose who will be 3 in 3 weeks & the baby, Gracieann, who is 10 months. Troy and I are approaching our five year wedding anniversary and are very excited to be having a renewal ceremony (February 23rd). Troy has worked for AT&T for the past 7 years and I stay at home with the kids and am in school full time. We have gotten to see several parts of the country with Troy's job and are now hoping to move to either San Antonio or Denver to be near family. It's all in God's time though and I just try to remember that. I am majoring in History hoping to teach at the College level and I am half way done with my Bachelors. Yea! Just 2 more years and then on to my Masters. I tried working briefly this year, at the kids Mothers Day Out program. I worked Tuesday's and Thursday's from 8:00-12:00. That only lasted 3 months and I figured out between school, traveling to San Antonio constantly and my Bible Study, we were just too busy for me to work. It was hard to get back in the swing of it after 5 years of being off.

Halloween just passed and the kids had a great time. Troy was surprised that Mommy
actually let them have any candy but I guess that is what being a kid is all about, right? Also in October we went to visit my In-Laws which is always fun. We were there 10 days and I think we were all sad to go. Gracie and I went to San Francisco in July so she is becoming quite the little flyer. The kids start Mother's Day Out next week after having taken a month off because we were traveling. We are having Bellarose's Birthday party this Saturday. It's at The Corn Maize and it should be a lot of fun. Her actual Birthday falls on Thanksgiving this year. I am also hoping to make it to San Antonio some time this month.

Preston started soccer this August and he loves it. He's pretty good. He's made several goals which he was very proud of and Troy has taught him to dance every time he makes one. I can only imagine what the other parents think. He loves to sing and can remember the words to a song almost instantly, just like his Dad. And movie lines. Him and Troy love watching movies together. He goes to a tutor once a week and it's really paying off because he is already writing his name and recognizing 3 letter words. He is already the biggest "little" Broncos fan there is. He is such a good big brother, he is very protective of his little sisters.

Bellarose is growing like a weed and is totally into the whole princess stage right now. She always wants to wear a dress and her tiara so she can twirl around "just like a princess" she says. And it can't be just any dress, she is picky about which clothes she will wear. You can tell she's my daughter. :) She thinks very highly of herself and doesn't hesitate to let you know it. While on the plane flying back from visiting Troy's parents she sat in front of a little girl who was about Preston's age. The little girl asked Bella her name. Bella said: "Bellarose and I'm cute". The other mom and I got a good laugh out of that one.

Last but not least my sweet Gracieann. She is already 10 months. How time flies. It seems like just yesterday I was getting ready to go to the hospital to have her. She's a big girl now. She sits up all by herself, she is starting to eat big girl food and has a mouth full of teeth (7 to be exact). She has a full head of hair and I am anxiously waiting to see if her hair is going to be curly like Bella's. It flips at the end so I'm hopeful.

Well I guess that is it for now. So long until next time.

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