Saturday, March 15, 2008

It's been a while since my last post. Gracieann turned 1 in January and she is such a cute little thing. She says "mommy" "daddy" "bubba" and if you say "one, two" she will say "three". She's not walking yet but after having 3 kids I've learned they will do it when they are ready. We also Baptised her which was a very special day. Lots of friends and family came to support her.

I am busy with another semester of school, taking 12 hours again. Troy is still actively trying to get transferred.

Preston and Bella are still growing like weeds. Preston is about to be 5 and Bella is almost 3 1/2. She is FINALLY potty trained!! Yea! That was a long practice. Preston didn't play soccer this Spring but I think I will put him in the summer league because he has been asking about it. I also plan on putting Bella into tumbling.

We are off to a birthday party today and the kids are very excited because there is going to be a jumping castle, which they love. We have been in and out of San Antonio lately because of all the weddings I'm in. I enjoy being up there but the break from traveling will be nice.

Well I guess that

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